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betrayed me to this

my selfishness overtakes me
missing you means nothing
not to you and not to me
needing you is meaningless
leading me to misery
leading you to my wrath
if my words could only cut
I would dig and twist
until I'm very sure
you feel my heartache
you wallow in the pain
then you'll really know me
then maybe you'll understand
only the deepest love
betrayed me to this
the wrong kind of former love
the mistake in foolish longing

Is this freedom, knowing I don't need to wake to an alarm the next five days? Is it freedom knowing the next five days are mine to enjoy? Of course, you should enjoy every day you have, but somehow it's much better when work is not involved. ;)

My morning started with the staff breakfast at the high school. Food in the morning? Score! I forgot to take pictures of my food. But I did visit my old digs.

visiting the old desk
I used to sit there

It's weird, I still sort of think of it as my space. LOL! Maybe next time I visit it will feel less like my old space and more like the secretary's new digs. ;) I know the one who's slipping into my old job. And I'm glad for her! :)

I got to see my nearest workmate. I miss her!

with Angela
Angela and Val

I miss Angela! She's taller than me, hence the strange angle. LOL! I probably should have gotten someone to take the picture for me, but we were the only ones in the office at the time.

Back at the office, I tried to prepare myself for the two days of work next week. I have to do payroll! My duty in payroll? I get to stuff the envelopes. By myself. Bah! LOL! I think I can do it. Hopefully. ;)

Oh, and I forgot to mention the bag that greeted me on my desk this morning. We all got one. I never did find out who the kind soul was.

inside the goodie bag
candle and chocolates

Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE my camera? Well, I do!
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