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insatiable deep inside

insatiable deep inside
nothing can fulfill
yearning undeniable
empty and hollow
utterly desolate
certainly quite desperate
merely sheer will
keeping this together
wanting and needing
more than this
longing twisting the heart
mocking without end

Our luncheon at work was DELICIOUS!!! Oh, and rather delightful. :)

December Luncheon

December Luncheon

We had a gift exchange. You know, bring a gift and get a gift. If you like someone else's, you can snatch it. :) No one took mine.

December Luncheon
Must pace myself when eating these...

December Luncheon
lights inside an empty chardonnay bottle, so pretty!

December Luncheon
a pretty ring

Okay, that's my ring. I wanted to try out my super macro setting. Pretty, eh? ;)

All in all, a most lovely lunch! Of course, I was so full afterwards and I just wanted a nap. LOL!
Tags: luhsd, photos, poetry
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