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Woe is me!

I should just stop worrying about my word count, but I am so freakin' behind!

A whole installment without the title characters. Isn't that just wrong? He's next, for sure! But still, where is this story going? I keep throwing characters into it and sometimes I wonder about their function. Oh well, it just means more words as I try to explain them away. LOL!

I want to stay home and just write!!! I bet I could write a quick 5,000 words a day if I stayed home. Maybe. LOL! I just want to stay home. I wish there was a reason for me to just stay home. ;)

Getting cross trained at work is kinda fun. I like learning different things. It's really interesting learning a new job.

I miss my Blackberry. I LOVE my Treo, but sometimes I just miss that first Blackberry of mine. Actually, the second one wasn't so bad. Except for the stunted bluetooth.

Wow, I can babble much in the morning, eh? ;)
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