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have you a broken heart

have you a broken heart
shattered then flung aside
falling like tiny jewel remnants
sparkling while catching the light
are those tears in your eyes
skimming down your cheeks
unending and salty
rendering the soul so weak
is it so very cold inside
each beat weary and slow
torturing each moment
leaving nowhere to go
does hope glow unwavering
soothing the lonely nights
promising better days ahead
trusting the fight will make it right

I went out into the backyard and took some pictures. Tis a beautiful though breezy with a chill. The dogs liked being outside. They are so cute when they run around and sniff everything. :)

Meggie walks along the back...

Holli walks along the side...

Even though I haven't gone out to the backyard quite as much as I should, I will miss the view very much. I think it was always just enough to know that this view was out there for me to enjoy whenever I pleased. Alas.



doggies at play from Valerie Noble on Vimeo.
Tags: photos, poetry, vids
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