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I need some inspiration...

I am so freakin' behind on my word count!!! LOL!

Last night we went to a wedding party for my friend who got married in Italy in October. Italy! Isn't that just the coolest? Am I just a bit jealous? Well sure! LOL! But I am so very happy for her! She looked quite lovely last night (she wore her wedding gown again) and she seemed so happy. Isn't sad that I don't really know her husband? She's been with him for years now and this was the second time I'd met him. And I didn't even talk to him last night. I bet he thought it was weird to see some of her friends.

I have been having way too much fun making userpics for my LJ. The one for this post is new. A self portrait from last night! LOL! And I just made a Nick Stokes one because I'm crazy. LOL! I WANT to make Jensen Ackles ones, but I keep falling back on Dark Angel pics and I want to do Supernatural ones. Oh well, I'll find some pics one of these days. ;)

CSI caps

And then I keep doing CSI screencaps. It's so easy to do them when you have the ep on your computer. I love it! :D

Am I just too easily distracted? ;)

ETA: Ooops! I meant to add this picture, not the one above:

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