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last night's game

Last night's game between the Warriors and the Heat ROCKED! The Warriors were down for most of the game, but they got theirs in the end. ;)

Warriors vs. Heat
score at the end of the 1st quarter

Warriors vs. Heat
score at the beginning of the 4th quarter

And here's a clip just as they were ready to overtake the Heat:

Warriors vs. Heat from Valerie Noble on Vimeo.

Warriors vs. Heat
And the end.

Oh, and Drunk Guy was sitting in front of us again. This time he was pretty tame. ;)

And then there was the woman behind us who didn't know who Shaquille O'Neal was AND thought that a basket in was a "goal." Umm, way to go.

We all stood up for the last five minutes of the game. The crowd was so into it! I love it. It's fun that way. :D
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