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Ah, the life of a webgal who's hosted at Hostonce.  Alas for me!

My blog ( is down.  Again.  It's so freakin' annoying.

I had a weird dream about meeting hockey players at an autograph signing.  So disturbing.  I don't even know what hockey players really look like without all the gear on.  LOL!

I'm so glad that the Leah girl is GONE.  She irritated me for some reason.  I know she's got a good voice, but it just wasn't there last night and I was glad.  :P  I'm such a horrible, horrible person!  Oh well.

I want Matt to go far, he's my favorite guy.  Of the girls, I think that LaToya is the BEST, but I really like Jasmine and Camille.  It's nice seeing girls up there who look like they could be part of my family.  ;)  JPL (as Seacrest called him) is such a HOOT!  I love watching him and he's got a nice voice too.

I can't believe I'm into American Idol.  Shoot me.

Countdown to freedom

Seven more days of the smurfy blue.

I was sitting at my desk last night, staple remover in hand, when I realized, "Soon, I won't have to do this."  I will not have to count dispos, write up releases, book cases, etc.  It won't be my job anymore. 

What the hell am I doing?!

I can feel the panic rising inside of me, but it's only a momentary madness.  I'm doing the right thing.  I need this time off.  I need to work on my writing.  I need to answer some of my internal questions.

I had my "exit" interview with the Lt. yesterday.  It was decent, surprisingly so.  We went through the "form" thing, then he wanted to just talk one on one about my take on the work environment.  I hope that I offered something constructive.  I guess I really don't need to worry about it, eh?


Mulder was supposed to pitch yesterday but his back was tight and he was scratched from the game.  My dear dear Mulder, you're supposed to be freakin' healthy this year!  I can't go around pretending to love Zito or something (no matter how adorable he might be).  You are my guy.  So STAY HEALTHY!!!

Today sometime the A's are going to announce (HOPEFULLY) that they've signed Eric Chavez to a six year extension.  WOOHOO!!!  At least I know he'll be around.  Of all the non-pitchers, I think I adore Chavez the most.  He's a cutie too.  ;)  Not that I like him that way!  He's merely a stunning third baseman.  Yeah baby.

I love baseball!

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