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the answers elude me

the answers elude me
looking back only causes confusion
I've forgotten the lessons
the repetition of common sense
what if the heart stops
hopeless with aching regret
will time surely heal such misery
the answers elude me
looking forward doesn't help
navigating through the falling rain
the road twists into the unknown
driving fast towards destiny
when will it stop
the tears matching the sky's sorrow
the fear of seeing tomorrow
the answers elude me

I'm quite determined to write more today. I've hit the 15,000 word mark. I need to post some of here. Sometime soon. ;)

Omigosh, I was looking through some old papers and found my high school transcript! Well, it's my transcript after the first semester of senior year. YE GODS!

My senior year

I had a 3.5 and was ranked 15 out of 291. Not so bad? ;) Oh those long ago days...
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