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don't give in

don't give in
don't say yes just to please
don't give in
don't accept such blatant lies
don't give in
don't forget you know yourself
no matter how hard you wish
change will never come
no matter how hard you wish
trying will never be enough
no matter how hard you wish
giving in won't bring you love
if you walk away
the tears will fall
if you walk away
nothing will seem right
if you walk away
each breath will heal your wounds
just don't give in
no matter how hard you wish
it's best if you walk away

Hey, morning poetry. Nice! ;)

I'm ready to face the day. Especially since it's Friday. I think that if I want to complain about anything today, I'm going to try to say, "Well, at least it's Friday." :D

Have a good one! And I'll catch you all later...
Tags: poetry
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