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did you feel it

did you feel it
the earth shaking
waking the slumber
settling in the soul
did you feel it
the exhilaration
the crazy thrill
revealing the unknown
did you feel it
the anticipation
snaking its way
lazy down your spine
did you feel it
the heady sensations
sparking something new
deep down inside

BTW, I still haven't heard on that thing. Is this a good sign? Or will my dream come true? (I had a dream last night that I didn't get the job. Bah!)


Isn't Holli a sexy dog? LOL!

I'm really quite ready for National Novel Writing Month to start. I want to start writing my novel! Maybe I should do some outlines. I'm not sure if I should just write off the top. Know what I mean? LOL!

(And if you'd like to be a reader of my novel try, don't forget to comment thusly!)

One more of my crazy dog:

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