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it's every goodbye

it's every goodbye splintered
shadows fractured like mist
the edges so sharp
piercing every fragile dream
slashing every point of reality
it's every regret magnified
excuses scattered to the rush
the wind snatching comfort
leaving nothing but sorrow
weighing heavy in the heart

I'm ready to start this novel. I wonder where the story will take me. The weird thing is that I know where the story is supposed to go. I know what happens to this character I've chosen to feature. But the more I think of her, the more she's rounding out. I'll give her reasons to become the woman she becomes when the main character comes along. But that's another story. ;)

I love the way my LJ looks (I haven't changed the layout for awhile) but with the new name change, I wouldn't mind changing the layout a bit. But I love the top banner too much to change anything at the moment. LOL!
Tags: etc, poetry
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