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it's all pretend

it's all pretend
not wanting to cry
it's all a lie
not feeling a thing
it's all forgotten
every bit of happiness
it's all just regret
every moment wasted
it's all mere fiction
every story without end
it's all pretend
not needing this goodbye

from one corner

Hubby and I visited my dad. We checked out the new room in the back. It's AWESOME! It's big enough for the pool table and a tv with couches. And there's still room for maybe a throw rug with pillows so that people can sit on the floor. LOL!

the tv side of the new room
tv side

light over the pool table

The light over the pool table is so lovely!

pool table side
the pool table side

After admiring the room, we headed out to lunch at Harry's. I had lasagna!

lasagna at Harry's

We visited a bit more with my dad, then headed out to the Newark/Fremont area. Newpark Mall is about the same as before. When we went to Auto Mall, we saw the new stores but didn't stop. Instead, we headed to Fry's. I love Fry's!

on Auto Mall

Fry's in Fremont

I found two movies that I didn't think I would ever find. Two William Gregory Lee flicks that I might watch someday. ;)
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