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before you forget

before you forget
we almost had a chance
the very world spinning
so delicately in our hands
before you forget
this moment might have meant
all your dreams come true
sweet happiness heaven sent
before you forget
we had a reason for each tear
falling without thought
the solutions so unclear
before you forget
please remember this
everything you wanted
hinged on just one kiss

The family drama has caused unpleasant thoughts in me. I've said things I've never thought I'd say. Of course, I've not said the words to the ones who should hear them.

We woke up early today so that the husband could help move the big stuff from the office. I really didn't need to be there, but I tagged along and took oddly random pictures.

moon shot
the moon on the way to Concord

almost empty office
no one's around

homeless dude
homeless dude

This fellow sleeps on the roof of the building. The things people will do...

tell me the time
which is the right time?

At one point, the hubby handed me his watch to hold.

I'm always up for self portraits

not so fast
on the road

do as it says

pink flowers
pretty flowers

out in the sunshine
Tags: poetry
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