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you've always been wrong

you've always been wrong
every word a misdirection
ready to fuel the misconceptions
you've always been wrong
every tear so insincere
feeding unfounded fears
you've always been wrong
seeing things not there
believing no one cares
you've always been wrong
raining innocence with your misery
shackling bright spirits meant to be free
you've always been so wrong

Congratulations to the Springboks and their win of the Rugby World Cup! At least one of the Tri-Nations teams won. ;)

If I pray for anything, I pray that I never fall to the misery that overflows from someone close. I hope that I am never so miserable that I lash out to make the people closest to me miserable. Know what I mean? I know we all have our dark sides. But I hope that I remember my balance.
Tags: poetry
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