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it's never easy

it's never easy
saying good bye
wondering why
we needed to be free
it's never easy
turning away
forgetting the days
we wanted just to be
it's never easy
longing while looking back
ignoring the glaring facts
we couldn't really see
it's just never really easy

Don't get me wrong, it's great being back home. Back to *our* stuff, back to our dogs, back to real life. But darn it, back to "real" life!

We got up early. Like 5am early. I don't even get up that early on workdays! LOL!

me early in the morning

You can see my tatttoo in context. ;) And the hat was a prize from last week's Monday Night Football at Cabo Wabo.

It was a good drive back home. Hardly anyone on the roads!

leaving lake tahoe

But it was still a little sad seeing the familiar roads leading home. I just love being off from work and being able to wake up whenever and do whatever. Know what I mean?



We dropped off our stuff, then headed out to get the doggies. Oh my dear doggies! :D

holli and meggie

me and saffy

When we got home, we ate our lunch, then I took a LONG nap. With my Holli. And maybe even Saffy. Not too sure about the Yorkie. She moves around a lot. ;)
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