Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

maybe too easy

never too serious
never too stern
yet laughter misses
the easy turn
never too happy
never too bright
darkness hovers
devoid of delight
maybe too balanced
never feeling too much
maybe too easy
never needing too much

So it's our last day in Lake Tahoe. We were lazy yesterday. Stayed in and watched the baseball games and didn't do too much else.


I thought of starting "Desirable Daughters" but I thought it was already a good thing that I finished "Lovely Bones." ;) "Lovely Bones" was very good by the way, if you feel like reading a book that's about to turn into a movie. (Ryan Gosling is supposed to be in it, hence my nudge in reading the book.)

potato skins and cheese sticks

We ordered in last night. Appetizer type stuff. Yummy! :D

Today headed out to Harvey's for lunch.

taco salad

And for dinner we had Quiznos. :)

chips and sandwich

the stardust

It's so nice being in walking distance of eateries. :)
Tags: lake tahoe, photos, poetry
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