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TUESDAY - We got a late start yesterday. We watched KNOCKED UP in our room, then headed out for some lunch at Cecil's. It was interesting how most of the customers were men. Hmmm. Maybe it was all the TVs throughout the restaurant. :)

spaghetti & meatballs

After some time in the casinos, we went to the movies.

ticket to stardust

Without going into spoilers, I really enjoyed STARDUST. I like the changes to the story and definitely liked the ending better than the written story. I hardly ever say that, but I think the film did a good job of tightening the story. :) It was great seeing Sarah Alexander (Empusa) in something other than Coupling. LOL! And wow, Michelle Pfeiffer is still gorgeous. :)

stardust at night

It's nice how everything is in walking distance. But I do need more exercise. I get so breathless walking! I know some of it is the altitude, but ye gods!

TODAY - Another late start. :P But this time we managed two meals!

morning sky

It snowed during the night, so the mountains got a good dusting of white. Our car had some snow on it, but all was melted away by the time we made it outside. :P

Lunch was Fatburger. Delicious!

burger and onion rings

Dinner was pizza. Yums!

mmm, pizza

We came back to the room and watched 1408. Suspenseful movie. We watched the director's cut. I think I want to see the original version too.
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