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I'm not sure why

I'm not sure why
you don't have a clue
questions in your eyes
tell me what you won't do
I'm not sure why
you're standing there
confused and so unsure
thinking I might care
I'm not sure why
your tears don't move me
falling so silent and false
I feel no pity
I'm not sure why
you smile and pretend
everything is all right
as if we're friends
I'm not sure why
you're not walking away
taking your stupid lies
we've nothing to say
I'm not sure why
I can't just leave
maybe you'll tell me
something I will believe

I'm a bad Supernatural fan. I think I'm going to try and catch up this coming week. I have all the 2nd season eps on my iPod. I might actually watch them. It could happen.
Tags: poetry
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