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Sacramento 2007 Convention - Saturday

aka Kiari at a Star Trek Convention

Most of my convention going days have been spent at Xena conventions, but my first convention was actually Star Trek. Monterey 1994. Marina Sirtis was the headliner. A great first convention for me. Got her autograph and got to look into her green (?) eyes. Even though she didn't look much like Deanna Troi (Marina was sporting a shorter and lighter hair cut), she was still quite beautiful. And she was great on stage!

On the way to Sacramento
one of the bridges on 4

We headed up to Sacramento mostly for the vendor's room and my photo op with Marina Sirtis and Jonathan Frakes. We probably could have skipped the stage stuff, but I bought general admission tickets and so we took advantage of it. Armed with the orange armband, we stepped in right when the Klingon music video was playing. "Enter Sandman" I think? We chose seats in the back and I had my camera ready. (No, I didn't bring my dSLR. No regrets about that, but I wish that my little camera took better pictures. Maybe I should have brought my Panasonic as opposed to my Casio. Oh well!)

entrance of the grand ballroom

Suzie Plakson took the stage after the music video. She started off with the frequently asked questions. She's 6'1" (YE GODS!), didn't have a favorite episode, and some other things I don't remember. She took questions and answered them thoughtfully and with a lot of humor. She was great! Some things I remember:

* Someone asked about her death scene as K'Ehleyr and if she laughed. She did! She described how she was laying there, dead, and Jonathan Frakes (as director) said softly, "Action." And she laughed. Because it was the funniest thing to her. She was laying there, dead, and he said action. ;)
* She used to watch the original series with her brother, so when she got the Dr. Selar part (her first Star Trek role), she called her brother. She got him onto the set and he took pictures of her in her gear, but she can't do anything with the photos without getting in trouble. Alas!
* She commented a couple of times about the big screen behind her and how disconcerting it was knowing she was up there. LOL!

we're in the back


from the screen

My pictures turned out a bit crappy, but I'll just call them artsy. LOL! (And already so popular on my flickr!)


After Suzie, we headed to the dealers room. We ended up following Suzie in. LOL! My husband said, "Look, there's Cinnamon." He was probably the only one in there who remembered her from Everybody Loves Raymond. LOL! Anyhoo, she had the primo table in the room. We passed by her table a couple of times, but we never stopped for anything. I had thought about buying her CD and getting a picture with her, but I wimped out. LOL!

Suzie Plakson

Photos with Jonathan and Marina were supposed to start at 2:40pm but Jonathan's plane was late, so photo ops didn't start until 2:55pm. Marina first, the duos, then Jonathan. I wandered into line at about 3pm and Jonathan still hadn't arrived. Marina walked by to start her photo ops and later Jonathan arrived. Everyone cheered when they saw him. He headed to his room first for a quick shower.

waiting in line for the photo op

While I waited in line, alone, I listened to the people behind me. The two ladies were talking with a gentleman and they talked about their other conventions, etc. It was fascinating.

Jonathan finally came by again and we all got ready to take our pictures. The line zipped by! I suddenly found myself inside watching the photos being taken. I took my iPhone out and tried to take a shot and the woman behind me said, "You can't take pictures in here." I said, "Oh really?" "Yes," she said, "because of the flash. It might distract them." I said, "Oh, but this doesn't have a flash." "Well, you still can't take pictures in here," she replied. "Oh, well maybe one," I replied as I took a quick one. I half wanted to smack her because 1) it wasn't any of her business, 2) my iPhone doesn't have a flash, and 3) we were going too fast for anyone to freakin' notice that I was taking a picture. HULLO, MIND YOUR OWN!!!

photo op
the quick shot cropped

Marina Sirtis is BEAUTIFUL. I think I'm always going to think so because she's just so gorgeous. She's so tiny! Marina stood in the middle of me and Jonathan. It was so quick. I think I just had time to say hello, take the shot, and say thank you to the both of them. I hope the picture turns out all right!

I met up with the hubby and we went back to the dealers room so that we could buy the following: a Supernatural t-shirt, a TNG20 coffee mug, the soundtrack to Evil Dead 1 and 2, and a silver ring.

the shirt I chose
my t-shirt

We skipped Marina and Jonathan on stage. It was probably crowded anyway. LOL!

I think most sci-fi conventions are apt to have a wonderful mix of people, but to the normal eye, everyone there is probably a freak. I mean, I fully admit that I'm a geek but wow! And it's not even the costumes and stuff that get me. It's the conversations. It's just too easy to laugh a little inside. Almost everyone is trying to be "normal" (me included) but who are we kidding? We're all crazy freak geeks. Just embrace it. Star Trek fans are really still into it. And it's wonderful. Truly.

Richard Kiel

I felt a little bad for the actors in the dealers room who were waiting for the fans to take pictures or get autographs (for a nominal fee, of course). Suzie was pretty much busy everytime we walked in, but the others were usually just sitting there waiting. I didn't really know a lot of them and I just tried not to look at them. Isn't that mean? Dear me! I did say hello to a couple of them, but I mostly kept my attention on the merchandise.

dean poster
resisted the impulse to buy

the shirt I didn't choose
nope, didn't buy that one either

All in all, a good day spent.

More pictures here => Sacramento 2007
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