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the wind is blowing

the wind is blowing
enough to cool
enough to stop
a moment to feel
a moment to savor
the wind is blowing
whistling in the air
rustling through leaves
a faraway note
an unsung song fleeing
the wind is blowing
taking blossom remnants
taking summer's touch
lifting up the weary
to the sun merely bright
the wind is blowing
heralding the autumn
the brown and gold and red
waking the cool dreams
to the longer nights ahead

Well, the wind isn't really blowing right now. ;)

Suzie Plakson on stage

The above picture seems quite popular at my flickr of the set so far. I just uploaded my convention pictures a couple of hours ago (if that). LOL! Anyhoo, short version of the convention:

It was cool! Suzie Plakson was groovy on stage. I bought a few things (a ring, a t-shirt, a mug). I took a picture with Marina Sirtis and Jonathan Frakes (WOOHOO!!!). I think I'm always going to believe that Marina Sirtis is utterly beautiful. Can't wait to see our picture together! :D

Maybe more details and pictures later! ;)
Tags: poetry, star trek con
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