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tv this past week

Moon in the morning

I'm diggin' the morning moon. :)

It was a good tv week. I guess. Or maybe I'm just in the mood to babble. Spoilers? Maybe. Or maybe just reaction. Read at your own risk. LOL!

HEROES - WOW! I loved it, of course. Yes, a lot of "huh?" moments. Deserves a second viewing. Not sure if I still have it though. LOL! Favorite parts? The new boy in Claire's life. Hiro discovering that his hero isn't as he thought he was. Mr. Bennet giving his supervisor the rundown. Ando's loyalty. Nathan's decline. Molly and Parkman.

EUREKA - One of my favorite shows and I'm going to be sad when the season ender airs next week. Everything is coming to a head and it's great to watch. I love Jo and her dude, Jack Carter trying not to crush on Alison Blake, Nathan Stark's devotion to his work and to Alison, Henry and his broken heart.

BIONIC WOMAN - A great premiere! She kicks ass. LOL! I can't wait to see the stories unfold. :)

REAPER - Funny and weird show. I like it! Too bad we don't get it in HD. LOL!

CSI - I'm not a big Sara Sidle fan, but her suffering certainly made good drama. I think it was wonderful seeing Grissom's determination in finding her. I loved the Nick parts. It was touching.

THE OFFICE - A GREAT season opener! Jim and Pam. Ryan the temp now Ryan the boss. Angela and her poor kitty. Dwight and craziness. Toby having a good run. Kevin knowing about Jim and Pam, but having no evidence. Michael. I think it's enough to just say Michael. LOL!

MOONLIGHT - I'm not sure why I want to watch this show, but we caught the opener and I really enjoyed it. I like the PI vampire. Interesting. Oh, and Dean O'Gorman was in the first ep!!! It's always neat to see someone I've met pop up on something very recent. Go Dean! :D
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