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a glimpse of you

in the corner of my eye
if I'm still I might see
a hint of a shadow
darkness against light
moving too swift
quick out of reach
the air might stir
different on the wind
just enough to know
I almost caught
a glimpse of you

Inspired by the icon. LOL! ;)

first day of autumn
green against gray, autumn's first day...

my part of the computer room

I posted a different picture at my project 365 page, but I think I might like this one better. Oh well! It's still a mess either way.

We've so far stayed in all weekend and I don't mind at all. Yesterday I did a bit of laundry and cleaned a little. Must vaccuum the doggie fur flying about! I keep thinking I should pick up a book and read. Reading is always good... I bought THE PRINCESS BRIDE at iTunes. I think it's just so neat to be able to haul a movie around on a little device. Of course, I can't fit two movies on my Nano, especially since I have THE ALICE and MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING on there, as well as an episode of Psych. Darn it!... I keep hoping that we get to Hawaii in December and if we do, I want another tattoo. But of what? And where on my body?... I think I need a new mouse for my computer. Rats!...
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