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you can't spin my dreams

you can't spin my dreams
weave each day
guide my destiny
you don't warm my heart
bring me smiles
shine with laughter
you can't stir my soul
awaken the ache
satisfy each desire
you don't know my secrets
hidden from curious eyes
silent in the shadows

Even though I'm tired now, it's been a good weekend. Sometimes you just need to get out and see other people instead of staying at home and wiling away the hours. :)


Yesterday we started with my nephew's son's first birthday party. (It's actually my cousin's son's son's birthday, but it's just easier for me to refer to children of my cousins as nieces or nephews.) Anyhoo, JD turned the big ONE on Friday and his parents had his party at the park. It was fun!

my cousin and his grandson aka the birthday boy

Look at that head! He's adorable!

my dad holding the birthday boy

I took a tremendous amount of pictures. Perhaps I got carried away. I couldn't help it. I brought my new dSLR and a day outside is just a perfect time to use it. :)

the Hawaiian baby

Hawaiian baby belongs to my niece. He was born in Hawaii, lucky little boy. Look at those cheeks!


He looks like his mommy when he makes that face. LOL!

Hawaiian baby with his mommy

Hawaiian baby with my dad

My dad loves babies. Can you tell? LOL!

After the party in the park, the hubby and I headed out to Livermore for a housewarming/wedding reception of our friend. It was nice there too. Lots of kids there as well. We stayed there until the wee hours. Well, until a bit after midnight. :P

Sunset soon

I didn't take many pictures there. Probably because I took about 300 or so at my family's party. LOL! :D

And today I went to another candle party. Ye gods! Spent as I should have and then won money to spend on even more product! Crazy. I love PartyLite!!! :)
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