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rolling into dreamless nights

dreamless nights
dreary days
the mist rolls in
sunshine fades
forgotten moments
rush into view
tears fall from the skies
no longer shining blue
souls echo hollow
hearts beat without love
inspiration falters
eyes can't gaze above
oh these dreary days
rolling into dreamless nights
dragging into weariness
promising only longing sighs

But since they're behind, I guess I haven't really missed much. :P

I'm glad it's Friday.

Watched the football game last night. Woohoo Colts! And don't ask me why I cheer for the freakin' Colts. I'll say it's the hubby's fault because he always has Marvin Harrison on his fantasy football teams, so we always stop and watch when he's playing. "Starvin' Marvin!" Dear me.
Tags: poetry
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