Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

sins the only pursuit

soul sold to darkness
light a distant memory
life given to solitude
loneliness the only partner
heart pounded to dust
love forever impossible
madness chasing sanity
bitterness behind each smile
sins the only pursuit
vice the knife twisting inside

I like three day weekends. But even now I wish that tomorrow were another day off. :P Spoiled!

We went out to Tracy for a bit of shopping. I bought earbuds for my Nano. (Alas, they don't fit the iPhone!)


I need that adapter so that I can use my earbuds on my iPhone. Why did they make the jack special? Not fair!

I also bought some clothes. Lots of green. Probaly won't wear the stuff until after I do some laundry. (Reminds me, I should do some laundry.)

Lunch was Chevy's. Service was a bit blah, but the food was pretty good.

Lunch at Chevy's

We headed to Best Buy and I found just the camera bag I was looking for! :D

new camera bag

there's the camera

It's a sling type backpack. I'll be able to carry it and put my pursey stuff in one of the compartments. :D It's pretty neat. :D


Oh, and I also bought an extra battery for my camera. :)

Camera battery

I'm not ready for the weekend to end. I just want my days off to last forever. Ah well...
Tags: baseball, poetry
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