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baseball musings

driving away
driving away

Last night's game was fun! I do enjoy baseball in all forms, I think. Professional, at least. Last night's game was between the Stockton Ports (Single-A affiliate of the A's) and the Visalia Oaks (affiliate of the Arizona Diamondbacks). The Ports were behind most of the game but managed to come back and win it.

Banner Island Ballpark (the unofficial name of Stockton Ballpark) is just beautiful! Compared to John Thurman Field in Modesto, the ballpark in Stockton utterly shines.

third base side
third base side

Of course, it must be so hot in the summer! We were lucky last night that it wasn't so hot. Otherwise I would have been downing bottles of water. LOL! As it was, I only needed a soda to get through the game. :)
oak up to bat

I took my Rebel XTi with the bigger lens to the game. I love the bigger zoom! My camera rocks. LOL!

other people's food

relief pitchers
relief pitchers on the Visalia Oaks

not sure about that
not happy with the strike call


And I have more pictures here => Ports vs Oaks

In other baseball news, MULDER is coming back!!! Sweet goodness. I've felt just slightly lost without him out there. I hope he has a good outing on Wednesday. I hope it's on tv too so that I can watch it!
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