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uninspired yet steady

feeling nothing inside
one breath in
one breath out
each heartbeat automatic
uninspired yet steady
meaningless and withdrawn
in rare moments of lucidity
despair shreds each dream
desperation floods with tears
oh the falling so swift
the sweet abyss reaching up
promising release
vowing deliverance into the light

I think tomorrow at work is going to be interesting. Perhaps the kids will be good (yeah right!) and we can get to the last bell with nary an incident. Love my wishful thinking? Yah!

Things I want to buy sometime soon:
* ear buds for my iPhone
* camera case for my new camera
* maybe another battery for my new camera

I suck at Scrabulous but I like playing it.

Have I found JA again at MySpace? No, not JA as in my layout, but brother of JA, brother JA. If that makes sense to you, you rock! ;)

I'm so ready for the freakin' weekend. It's not even funny.

Oh Muse, come back to me! Why do you flee me when I need to nurture the flicker of inspiration? Alas.

Can I please win the lottery NOW? Please?
Tags: etc, poetry
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