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she dreams of him

she dreams of him
seduction in his eyes
teasing smile on his lips
drawing her in unwilling
she sighs his name
willing him to hear
in the light of night
in the dark of day
she aches for him
imagining his touch
soft with each heartbeat
insistent and warm
she dreams of him
his name a release
her body embraced
his eyes blazing for her

Totally addicted to this song. LOL! I'm not sure exactly why.

It was oddly lovely today. As if autumn was moving in and pushing summer out. Summer time won't stand for it though. It'll claim the days again.


Lunch at work was good. Delightfully delicious. ;)

Did I mention that my cousin got me a candle? It's pineapple passion. Smells yummy!

The glow

I posted a different version of this pic at my Project365, but I like this one too because of the way the flame is wiggled.
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