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he dreams of her

he dreams of her
soft against him
pliant and warm
so ready for him
he whispers her name
willing her to hear
beyond the dream
beyond the haze
he yearns for her
the ache pounding
counting his heartbeats
catching each breath
he dreams of her
her lips full from his kiss
his name a soft sigh
her eyes only on him

I think I'm a bit addicted to this song "Crazy Love." He just has a sweet voice. And the tune is quite catchy. :)

Omigosh, I actually took a three mile walk today with my cousins. Be amazed, I never go on walks. LOL! But it was really nice. We walked around Lafayette Reservoir and it was just lovely! The weather was so nice. Clear blue skies, a light cool breeze, sparkling water, green trees. And of course I took pictures. ;)

early part of our walk

a little closer

a heron

path ahead
the trail ahead

row row row your boat
row row row your boat...

water so blue

After our walk, my cousins and I had lunch at Crepes A Go Go in Walnut Creek. Mmmmmm, it was so good! :D


Cheese, avocado, and tomatoes. Delicious!

my bite
my bite

The sweet stuff was so good! Chocolate and strawberries. :)


So very very delicious!

all gone

We finished all our food. ;)

It was a good day today. Now I'm tired. LOL!

Oh, here's a cute one of my doggie. She's so cute when she stands!

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