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fading to dejection

you don't have the answer
the solution eludes you
mocking your sensibilities
your turns in logic
you can't read the clues
the pieces puzzle you
the possibilities taunt you
twisting your vision
you won't find salvation
redemption is out of reach
slipping from your grasp
fading to dejection

I love soulDecision songs. I wish Trevor Guthrie would just go ahead and release something. I'd buy it. In a heartbeat! Promise.

It's almost the weekend. This week has just crawled. My desk is still a strange kind of mess. It's comforting at times but annoying at others. Maybe I just need something to look forward to. Something.

The A's won today. Yah! :)

Lunch at work was actually quite yummy. And pretty too!

Mmmm, lunch!

I wanted to finalize my DVDs of the Young Hercules eps I have. Yes, I recorded Young Hercules onto DVD back when it was playing on WAM those many years ago. For some reason my laziness only allowed me to finalize two of the five DVDs I have. Sad! "A Lady in Hades," my favorite ep because Hades (Erik Thomson) appears in it, is on one of the unfinalized DVDs. UGH! We couldn't finalize the DVDs on the player we still have. I might have to get it finalized on the machine I recorded with. My dad hopefully still has it. I hope!!!

The hubby baked cookies last night. They were yummy.

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