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the next stop on the ride of destiny

savor these moments
the noise and the silence
the frenzy and the imbalance
commit this all to memory
the easily forgotten
the routine soon to fade away
keep it safe inside
the beauty of the season
the music in the wind
save this all for those rainy days
the future not so faraway
the next stop on the ride of destiny

I wake up, get ready for work, drive to school, sit at my desk. Sometimes I feel as though I'm merely fluttering each pile of work on my desk, not really making much headway as sad bitterness pricks me with each student referral and suspension.

Nah, it's not really that dramatic.

I know that in my current position, I won't necessarily see all the "good" kids, but even the "bad" kids are still just kids. Everyone is in that in between stage, clinging to the carefree days of childhood while wanting to slip into the rosy colored world of adulthood. Except of course adulthood is hardly rosy colored, eh? With the freedom comes responsibilities and sometimes I wonder if parents realize that they need to arm their children with common sense and respectful manners to get along in the world.

It was hot today. I stayed in the office most of the day, but then I stepped out to go to the bathroom (right, no bathrooms in the actual buidling. As in, you can't get into a bathroom from inside the building.) And ye gods, it was HOT. A bit humid too. Gross! I was so glad to go back into the office. No wonder I never left! LOL!
Tags: poetry
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