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drawing the dark veil

surrendering love
abandoning this hope
drawing the dark veil

Even when you're lazy and don't do too much, time still moves in the same manner. It's just a bit more pleasant.

I wanted to play around with my dSLR, so I took the doggies out into the backyard and snapped a few. Ahhh, sunshine and doggies!

Saffy & Holli

I love catching Holli in motion. Her floppy ears are delightful!


Saffy needs a grooming so badly. She looks so fluffy in the pic, eh?

Holli sniffing flowers

Holli is a flirt! It looks like she's smelling the flower, eh?


And there's my good girl. :) She needs a bath. Or a brushing at least. I don't know where the brush is though!

Meggie and Holli

The two black dogs sniffing around.

Holli running

Holli in motion always makes me laugh. :)

Meggie sitting about

She likes the sunshine and the cool grass.

in need of a grooming

Back inside. My poor ungroomed yorkie! :P

my first pic with Mulder

It's not a shrine or anything. Not really. LOL!

I finally finished "Empress" by Shan Sa. Interesting. Very lyrical. It took me awhile to read it. Now I might go head and start on the Harry Potter books for a slow and thorough read. We shall see.

I can't believe the weekend is almost over. Ugh.
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