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truth will have its way

still hiding from me
secrets unfold and reveal
truth will have its way

We actually got up and left the house while it was still morning! Imagine that. ;) We went out to Dublin to watch Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix in IMAX. FANTASTIC! The movie was pretty good but the 3-D was a bit nauseating. Ye gods!

For lunch we had Black Angus. Nothing like mid-day prime rib! :D

After lunch we headed to Best Buy and we bought a lens for my camera! Woohoo! When I got it home and attached to my camera, I went outside for a few shots:

one jet
a jet flying overhead

a helicopter


I also took a couple of shots of Holli that I must share. ;)

Holli the doxie

crazy dog
Tags: harry potter, photos, poetry
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