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bit by bit

bit by bit
falling apart
landing gently
bit by bit
torn apart
jagged edges
bit by bit
shattered apart
settling to dust
bit by bit

When the score in the A's game was 8-9 Detroit leading, I thought about taking a nap. Then my boys hit a grand slam and scored a few more runs. And so I'm still awake and the score is 16-10, A's leading.


The first time I met the dog above, her name was Gypsy. Before I saw her again today, her name was Pooh Bear. She is now Thumper. Her sister dog, my co-worker's other dog, is Bambi. ;)


It was a busy day at work today. The whole week went by in a kind of whirlwind. My desk is a freakin' mess! Oh well. Now that my AP is on maternity leave, I might be able to clear off my desk and keep it neat. We shall see.
Tags: poetry
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