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So, the White Sox are World Champs...

Wow, another World Series sweep! What were the chances? Congrats to the Chicago White Sox. Bummer to the Astros. Even though I was happy for the White Sox, I felt bad for the Astros because they had to watch the celebration on their field. Ah well...

I'm sure no one reads my LJ for Prison Break spoilers, but just in case. LOL!

FINALLY watched this week's episode of Prison Break. WOWSERS! It's almost as if it hadn't been three weeks since the last episode. A few shocks and revelations and WOW. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE this show? Yeah, it's a little disturbing that my favorite show is set in a prison. Geez!

Sooo, I got another new phone. We went back to Boost (mostly for the walkie talkie feature) this time around. I ported over my second line (yeah, I have more than one line) and got the i830-Roxy. It's soooo cute!!! No worries, I still have my Treo (I love that thing). But the Roxy is just so girly sweet. I should take a picture of it later. ;)
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