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the air settles cool

the air settles cool
the skies begin to darken
the sun slowly falls

It was decidedly unsummer-like today. Weather-wise. I didn't mind it at all. ;) Twas a better day at work too. Yah!

I think Erik Thomson commented at my website! :) Here's what he had to say:
hello all erik here,
just logged-on to have a look at vals great work and saw all my friends in iran!!!! i am so thrilled that ‘all saints’ has a life there. i want to come there and meet you all. if anyone reads this let me know which network plays the show and i will contact them. i want to come for a visit!!!!
cheers erik thomson.

First off, isn't that just totally SWEET of him to say hello to his fans? Second, I'm very touched by his kind words about my "great work." Awwww! Third, if his fans from Iran get to meet him before me, I'll be happy for them but sad for me! LOL!
Tags: poetry
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