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I like the last picture in this post. I think I might want it as a header image. :) Or the second picture. I'm in the mood for something new! ;)

It's nice feeling that restful way of the weekend. Ramblings in bullets...

  • Back to school must suck for the kids. It's weird having different staff assistants. I miss the ones from last year! And what is up with kids getting suspended during the first week of school? Dear goodness!

  • People make pretty LJ icons. Like the one I'm using for this post. I should go find some Harry Potter ones. ;)

  • We sweated it out in Stockton last night to watch the Stockton Ports beat the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes 8-1. Yeehaw for minor league baseball! And then the A's won too. Lovely goodness!

  • My new camera rocks. I love it. I want to buy another lens for it! I have a high capacity compact flash card that can literally hold over 1,000 pictures. Can you imagine? Wowsers!

Splash the mascot zooming by

The Ports' mascot is Splash. Goofy looking thing. He must have been hot under that suit. It was nearly 100 degrees when we got to the ballpark. It cooled down a little by sundown, but not in a refreshing way or anything. LOL!


Splash and the outfield

We had great seats, btw. You could really hear the crack of the bat! :)

I have more pictures of course => Ports vs Quakes
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