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i can't follow you

I don't know where to go
I can't follow you
I don't know what to say
I can't form the words
I don't have your faith
I won't accept this break
I don't want goodbyes
I won't turn away
I don't need these tears
falling from my eyes
I know that I must stay
waiting for the mist to rise

I knew it was going to be an unpredictable day, but since it started nicely (as told in that f-locked post), I don't think I stressed as much as I could have. Let's just say that it was a crazy first day of school, people were on their last nerves, and it was HOT outside!

When we got home (we somehow got home at the same time, huzzah!), we had packages waiting on our front step, including my new dSLR!

It takes GREAT pictures. I can't wait to figure out more of its features.

holli inquisitive


sidelong glance

My dachshund is such a poser, eh?
Tags: lhs, photos, poetry
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