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soaring undaunted

soaring undaunted
flying without intentions
higher and higher

I like putting my water bottles in the freezer so that I can have slushy water for later. I've started putting my lemonade mix into the water, so I have lemon slushies! Yum. :D

Posing nicely

My Holli dog is just too adorable, eh? ;)

Random thoughts following. (I'd use bullets, but for some reason the program I use doesn't do bullet lists.)

* I want to go to a baseball game! I miss the funny smells of the ball park.

* Why can't I find a super reason to use Pownce? Maybe I just need more friends on it.

* I love my iPhone. Is it wrong to love a piece of technology? I didn't think I'd get caught up in the hype (I was willing myself to not get caught up) but here I am loving it in all its gore and glory! It's just too pretty to resist. ;)

* In response to the all the stupid people out there doing stupid things, I'm reminded about something I used to hear when I worked for the sheriff's department: "Let's take them to the back and shoot them."

* I don't want school to start. (Makes it sound like I go to school as opposed to work at a school, eh?)

* The hubby found my Harry Potter books! (Well, still need to find year 6.) If I so desire, I could start the whole series over again. And probably cry again. LOL! I also found my copy of Pride and Prejudice. I feel like reading that again too. Hmmm.

Looking up
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