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come back to me

come back to me
if only for just a moment
let me say these words
the things I never said
come back to me
longing wells inside me
reminding me of indecision
how foolish silence held me
come back to me
this regret weighs heavy
a burden I'll gladly carry
forever if only once
you come back to me

Thank goodness today was the last day of walk-through. It was the worst of the four days and I suppose it's good that the most stupid and rude people came today. Didn't sour it for the rest of the days.

Flung at me

Here's what I wrote about the above picture in my MJazz while LJ was down:
I had a woman rip up some paper and fling it at me, all the while insisting that she’s not a liar (no one called her a liar) and that she’s not a child (even though the mere act of ripping paper and flinging it at me when I did nothing to provoke her might be considered childlike behavior). She was mad because I was asking for paperwork that I’ve been asking all the four days of walk-through and she felt that she didn’t need to come up with it. Of course, she was nice when the AP came in to smooth things out.

Irritating. Isn't that just freakin' rude, flinging the pieces of paper? She did it twice. And I was not rude to her AT ALL. I was asking for documents I've been asking for from everyone else.

I'm just glad it's over! Now for three days of people wanting their schedules changed. BAH!!!
Tags: lhs, poetry
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