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my dreams

my dreams taunt me
mocking me with visions
impossible to fulfill
my dreams haunt me
teasing me with whispers
softy spoken
hiding in shadows
lost in the rustling wind
my dreams forsake me
ignoring me
forgetting me
tossing me aside
my dreams consume me
holding me
drowning me
keeping me inside my dreams

Even though my work day started late, it was a freakin' long day! As predicted, the day was busy because people can't be counted on doing their business early as opposed to last minute. Oh well, just one more day of that. :P

me simpson-ized!
me Simpson-ized!

Not too fashionable, eh? LOL!

Still letting the whole Harry Potter thing settle in my head. Now I want to find my other books and re-read the whole series. :)
Tags: poetry
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