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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Don't worry, I won't post any spoilers. ;)

Crowd control

We got to the Barnes and Noble a bit before midnight. I first got into the big line, but the hubby checked and I was allowed to go into the short line. The short line led to the table with the checklists, but they had trouble with the "N"s, so they just gave me a wristband on my word. Lucky me! ;)

So I hung out in the store while they lined people up according to their wristband numbers. I was 471, which ended up being in the last group. I finally got into my line, which fed into the music section, which only had 2 cashiers. But it went pretty fast and I had the book in my hand by a bit after 1am. (Oh, 1:09am according to the receipt.)

We stopped for a bit of food and finally got home. After eating, I started reading the book. I read until about 6am, went to bed for a bit, then read the rest of it this morning. I finished it less than twelve hours after reading the first page. :D

Now I'm finished and I will just say it was a great read...
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