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keep it to yourself

keep it to yourself
your thoughts
your dreams
your ideas
your hopes
keep it to yourself
your ills
your misery
your darkness
your failures
keep it to yourself
your memories
your past
your secrets
your sins
no one wants to know
no one wants that burden
so utter not a word
keep it all to yourself

I don't have to be at work until 11am, but I'm already awake. I have three hours before start time. Sweet!

Yesterday was the first day of walk-thru. It wasn't so bad at my station. It was eerily smooth, except for a couple of parents, but most of them chilled out after a bit. Such a big difference from my walk-thru experience last year at YV. Ye gods!

My iPhone is going back to the store. But worry not, I'm getting a new one. Hopefully. ;) It's a story for an f-locked post. But if you have my iPhone number, don't text me because I don't have it today! LOL! :P

I think I might have to boycott the internet while I'm reading the Harry Potter book. I might trust that my f-list won't spoil me, but if you don't see any comments from me, you'll know why. ;) I can't believe I'm that much of a HP fan to hole myself up for a couple of days just reading. LOL! My hubby thinks I'll finish the book in one day. If I do, I'll have a monster headache in the end. Believe me!
Tags: etc, harry potter, iphone, poetry
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