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Midnight babblings...

I'm tempted to get a paid account for this LJ but I can't think of a good reason. The best reason is that I want to have more icons. LOL!

We didn't go to the movies last night. Instead we wandered Modesto to our semi-usual haunts (CompUSA, Borders, Best Buy). I bought books and CDs like a madwoman! And then today we went to Costco and I bought three more books! Ye gods!

I've decided that I like wristlets. I think I should buy more so that I can carry light when we're shopping and such. ;)

After picking up the dogs from their grooming (omigosh, they smell so good!), we stayed in and watched LOTS of tv. Let's see if I can remember what we watched...

THE FORGOTTEN - The movie with Julianne Moore. We watched the alternative ending version, then checked out the ending of the theatrical version. I like the alternative ending better. Decent movie otherwise.

Star Trek Enterprise - We've had the season finale on our TiVo and just got around to watching it. I just wanted to see it because Troi and Riker were in it. I was sad to see that they killed off Tucker. I liked him! Ah well...

Supernatural - We watched three eps! We're missing a couple, but thank goodness they seem to be standalone type episodes. I like it! They play cool music on the show. ;) And hello, JENSEN ACKLES! :D

I'm trying to look stuff up on the IMDB but it won't come up at all. What's going on? :P
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