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bruising my soul

was it easy
walking away
leaving me here
pretending it's nothing
but screaming inside
so distant
so effortless
turning away
never looking back
letting my tears
fall silent to my feet
not breaking my heart
just bruising my soul

Tomorrow is the first day of walk-thru. Our school has four days of it. Ye gods! So I think my quiet days at work are near an end.


I took a walk to the library next door to the school. It isn't that bad a walk! And today was actually a most lovely day. :)

next door to work

The iPhone does take decent pictures outside in good light, eh? Here's another:


Looks oddly lonely, eh?

I saw Kendall in his Cubbies uniform. Alas! And he didn't get a hit. But the Giants ended up winning. Good for Zito. (He was the winning pitcher...)
Tags: poetry
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