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before you break my heart

before you break my heart
take this moment to regret
all the kisses you won't forget
before you break my heart
take this moment to stop
pretend you're everything you're not
before you break my heart
let me turn and walk away
shrug you off without your say
before you break my heart

Today was my supervisor's baby shower. It was neat seeing her outside of work (and in her own house). She's gotten bigger since the last time I saw her (just before my summer break). It was an afternoon nicely spent. I got to catch up with my former co-worker (Cheri, she went to a different school). A few pictures without revealing much (and none of me because I forget to take some of myself):

for the little prince
cute piggy bank!

pink punch
the delicious punch

baby gifts
blankets from me

good haul

She knows she's having a boy, so she got all this cute little boy things. Adorable! :)
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