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haze encompassing

empty outside
blank inside
no inspiration
not a flutter
thoughts so meaningless
words without passion
the spark extinguished
the haze encompassing
outside so empty
inside utterly blank
ready to fall apart

It's foggy out at AT&T Park. Looks deliciously chilly.

All right, it's done. I'm back down to two phones-- my rockin' Sony Ericsson and the iPhone. I've given up the Blackberry Pearl. Twas a good phone. I'll likely miss it for a bit. ;)

holli in motion
Holli in motion

The iPhone's camera isn't so bad. I've had worse!

holli the doxie
Holli staying still

I've been having strange dreams lately. I had one about Kelly & Ryan from The Office and the other night I had one about the jail. And yet another night I had one about the aunt who had a stroke. Weird!

Okay, I've got to bag the baby shower gift for tomorrow. :)
Tags: etc, iphone, photos, poetry
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