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waiting for the night

the sun shining low
setting to the horizon
waiting for the night

Charging at work
the iPhone charging at work

I'm getting to know the iPhone and I will probably end up using it. It's going to replace my beloved Blackberry. Crazy? Perhaps. But that's the way of a tech freak chick. :)

Nitpicks? I've got some!
* AT&T sucks big hairy sphericals! Why? Because for some reason they are charging for texts to and from Twitter. According to them, because Twitter texts use a short code as opposed to a regular phone number, they can charge for what they consider "premium" texts. Yet you can IM through AOL and it will send the messages to me no charge. What the hell?
* No IM programs. Yet?
* The keyboard is going to take some getting used to.
* EDGE sucks a bit.
* Battery life is going to kill me!

Fun stuff? Oh, everything else!
* The maps application. ROCKIN'!
* The mail interface.
* The iPod portion of the phone.
* The SMS-ing.
* Browsing on Safari.
* WiFi!
* PIM features

The camera isn't so bad, but my Sony Ericsson rocks.

Trees outside
Tags: iphone, poetry, tech freak chick
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