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he's spoken for

he's spoken for
he won't ever leave
no matter the smile
the twinkle in his eyes
he's spoken for
he'll sweet talk you
the words en embrace
warm like a touch
he's spoken for
he'll tease you nice
no promises
just possibilities
but he's spoken for
he's not for you
his heart firmly taken

I'm bummed. I have to go to work tomorrow. Ugh!

I was super nerdy today and put my pictures from the set of The Screen Savers on my Flickr. I had previously put them up at my website, but the pictures were cropped and such.

with kevin rose and dan huard
me in a total geekster moment with Kevin Rose and Dan Huard

The pictures are here => On the set of The Screen Savers

The iPhone is pretty cool, I must say...
Tags: etc, iphone, poetry
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