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Time to hybernate...

I had the MOST ANNOYING phone call. "Unknown number and unknown name" turned out to be a mortgage company that outsources its cold calls. So irritating. When I said "Sorry, I work for a mortgage company," the man on the phone repeated what I said, then asked me how much interest I pay. What the hell? Did he not hear me say that I work for a mortgage company and therefore do not need a new mortgage? DOY!

Absolutely Fabulous is on BBC America! :D Such a great show. Craziness. LOL!

I'm excited about Rick Springfield reprising his role as Dr. Noah Drake on General Hospital. I used to have the BIGGEST CRUSH on him. He was so cool. :D I still find comfort in listening to his music. I'm such a teenybopper at heart. LOL!

DOOM and STAY come out tomorrow. Which to see first?! I vote for DOOM because Karl Urban rocks, but STAY might be the better choice for the first week. Not as crowded. ;) We'll see. I'm determined to a movie with one of my fellas this weekend! LOL!
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